Monday, September 5, 2011

The State of the People

When you look across this great red, white and blue nation of ours there isn’t just one thing that you are seeing, but a multitude of things. Looking at the people of America you aren’t seeing just one face, but a multitude of faces of all descriptions. As you judge at the state of people you’re not judging by one set of issues, but by a multitude of issues from people with completely diverse situations and circumstances.

It appears that we’re looking for general cures to the problems that Americans are facing. If the “fixers” are only working on the issues of their constituents then more than likely they won’t be addressing the problems of a diverse nation. Somehow the “fixers” will need to find a way to see the people as they are and not how they categorize us.

You can’t make all the people happy all the time. You can’t solve all the problems plaguing the various sects of people with a single brushstroke. You must pick a set of problems and fix them one at a time until you methodically go through the entire list. By achieving this the people will see results coming down the assembly line.

The major national problem we’re facing is joblessness. Various groups of Americans are suffering, some more than others. For example the least educated statistically have fewer chances of finding jobs than those with better job training skills.

The segments of our population with the least education proportionately include more Black and Brown faces. Looking even further you will find a correlation between the cities and towns with the highest unemployment rates and those without higher education. The potential solutions need to address both the root of the problems and where they are most saturated?

Understanding the lack of education to be part of the problem we need to come up programs that hire the unemployed to teach those who need employment. If high-tech jobs are most available then we need to hire trained technicians to train those uneducated in technology. This would attack the problems with their solutions.

The billions of dollars we spend protecting the world from itself in foreign nations could be spent hiring our citizens to train the uneducated and unskilled in this nation. In this manner we would be putting our unemployed back to work while training to get work.

We also need to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure. Our roadways, bridges, underground pipelines and gas pipes are out of date and corroded. The money we’re spending on wars can be spent on rebuilding and saving this nation.

The war budget alone could hire hundreds of thousands of citizens. Steps such as this need to be done as part of a long-range strategy where we are investing into the future of this nation for many generations to come.

We need to concentrate on moving this country forward. We can no longer be the caretakers of the world as this nation sinks into destruction and doom. In order for us to be of any assistance for anyone we must first be in a position to do so. In other words we must be a strong nation before we are able to help other weak nations.

The state of the people is not good but the state of those entrusted to lead us is just as bad. We need to look at rebuilding the system that is in place. What we’re currently doing no longer works. If we keep doing what we did in order to get here we will only dig deeper into the hole we lie.

Our elected officials need to stop pointing the finger of blame at each other, but instead start look at the root causes of our problems, unless of course their finger-pointing is itself part of the problem. Unless they learn to work together in a bipartisan spirit we will continue to spiral downward in the League of Nations.

Again, the state of the people is not good, but the cures to the issues we face are not insurmountable. We only need those in positions of leadership to look at the real problems and issues and stop pointing fingers at each other.

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