Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When is enough really enough

For months, maybe years by now, we have watched starlet bad boys and bad girls treat their celebrity status as a trump card to do whatever they want or act any way they choose at our expense.

Apparently they don’t get the fact that it is the fans that motors their success. If people suddenly stop purchasing their offering they would quickly see what it feels like to be normal or, even worse, a “has been.”

I am particularly tired of the media giving a megaphone to Charlie Sheen to parade his sickness. To just look at him you can clearly see that he has some sort of problem, most likely substance abuse. People are trying to say that this is his brand of humor, but there is nothing funny about his behavior or the things he is portraying.

If he wants to be a playboy with wild drug or sex parties, let him do so in his own world. But do we really need to give him a platform in our homes almost daily through the media to showcase his madness?

Why would a major network put up with such shenanigans for such a long period of time before they eventually come to their senses and cut him loose? It’s simple! He brings big revenue into the network, because the general public will avidly read and devour anything set before them!

I understand economy 101, but at a point don't morals, bad messages, signals, or lessons; or the way he is personally impacting others, especially vulnerable children, count? Is money the only God that we are to respect in this case? I think not!

This is a very strange generation that we are facing. We have dropped the bar so low that even an earthworm could get over it with ease. Almost anything goes!

I thought I could be a liberal and just let people to their own thing, but unless I am willing to cut off all my media resources I cannot get away from those that wish to impose and expose their wickedness upon me.

I suppose I could just shut up and allow others the freedom to be themselves, but in this case I have had enough! Since I too have a small megaphone I wish to make my voice heard even though it may come across as a mere whisper coming out of a vast desert.

COME ON, FOLKS… THAT’S ENOUGH! Turn off his megaphone and allow this man an opportunity to get the help he needs. Certainly he does not have the will power to turn it off for himself. He is sick and more than likely being controlled by something unnatural, if nothing other than just his own alter ego.

I am waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy past having enough.

Enough is really enough already! My late Grandmother-in-Law frequently said: