Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recolor the World's Picture

I find myself looking at the news and almost instantly getting somewhat depressed at the condition of mankind. It appears that we are in a “hellhole” waiting on the final wall to crumble down over us, finally taking us out of our misery.

The economy is down, crime is up, people are loosing their homes, no jobs to be found, schools are failing, we’re fighting two wars, soldiers are dying, alcohol and drug abuse on the rise; God is being taken out of homes, families and workplaces, road rage on the rise, workplace rage, and the overall picture we see daily is very gloomy. Is that the state of the human condition? Is that the image the world portrays?

If this picture is drilled into our minds each day then eventually we will start believing that it's almost worthless to leave our homes. If things were that bad why even bother? I for one refuse to accept such a gloomy picture. Even though things are very bad in many areas of life, I refuse to give up hope.

There is a lot of good in the world, but that is not what sells through the media. I understand that only bad news sells; not only that, it also paints the image that most people perceive. I say to each of you, recolor your picture!

What we believe to be true has a lot of influence upon how we operate. If you have a negative outlook on life that has an effect upon you just as well as if you have a positive one. Both paint the world you see. Are you willing to allow the news media to tell you how to paint your picture of the world?

In truth there are many great news stories. There are tons of people doing incredible and charitable things, but they usually don’t make the headlines. If you want good news you have to go out and find it for yourself. If you can’t find it easily then why not become the star of your news show and make your own good news story. Try doing something incredibly kind and nice for someone and feature it on your show.

This may not be good advice of each of you, but my suggestion would be to turn off the news for a while. You know it’s going to be gloomy so why punish yourself. Why allow them to paint the picture for you knowing that it will be gloomy? If you consume too much negativity your system will eventually become what you consume. Likewise when you feed your system positive thoughts your system will respond to that kind of input.

I encourage all of you to take back the picture that is being painted for you. We know all those bad things happen, but we do not have to swim in it. We don’t have to allow those thoughts prevail in our minds as our main source of mind-food. Become actively involved in either finding good news or making it. Help someone in need, feed a hungry person or family, help someone who is in distress, do something to save the natural resources, join the green healthy planet movement, teach a child, or there are about a gazillion positive things you can do if you set your mind to it.

Don’t allow Big Brother to tell you what image to accept as the world’s picture. It takes only one bad apple to spoil a whole bunch. For the most part people are not as bad as you think. Out of one hundred people more than 85% will be decent. 10% will be vulnerable to negative behavior and about the remaining 5% may be bad, with only 1% of those being hopeless. I just made up these statistics, but when you think about it, the bad news is committed by a very small percentage of the population. Why allow them to paint the entire picture when they are only a small segment of our population? Re-color your picture of the world. I beg of you!

A Man's Mind

For the most part men are creatures of habit, much more so than women. Men like to know what to expect and when to expect it. When things happen in a random manner, most men get uncomfortable. The reason why home furniture, carpeting and flooring shows evidence of imprints or indentations is because a man will normally sit in the same place in his home, watch the same programs, (sports of many kinds) eat the same thing for breakfast, or order the same meal when they go out to dinner. Men like stability around them, not instability. They prefer sameness over difference.

Because of this trait you would think that men would make ideal partners in marriage and relationships. The truth of the matter is; most men would make very committed partners in relationships if things remained the same as when they made their commitment. The problem with females is the fact that “sameness” is rarely part of their nature. Inwardly and outwardly females seem to be in a constant state of change. Going through their monthly cycles makes one day different from the next. It seems that they are always leading up to their cycles or dealing with the days after. In many ways females are like the four seasons of a calendar year. Their emotions seem to change with whatever season they are experiencing. This is not something that most males can easily handle.

The reason why many men leave their relationships is because women are constantly changing, which throws the typical male out of his comfort zone. Since men prefer sameness, you have two ships moving in opposite directions. Until both parties understand their conflicting differences they tend to blame each other for the problem.

How do we tackle this dichotomy? Is there a way that these two virtually opposite poles can come to an understanding of their ordinary nature so it does not become a stumbling block? The first thing that has to be done is for the parties to understand their differences: their needs, their desires, their wants, preferences, hopes, dreams, and other parameters that actually cause the ripples between them. Males need to understand that females have certain mannerisms and tendencies that may oppose a part of their natural mannerisms and tendencies. As the genders begin to understand that these differences are a part of something that is natural, they no longer need to take them as a personal attack.

Take a very basic example. Most females sit when they have to pee, while most men stand up. . Should males become upset when the female complain if he wets the toilet seat that she has to sit on? What if you had to sit in someone’s pee? Another example: If a woman tend to speak while she is going through the thinking process and a man is quiet while he is going through the thinking process, this doesn’t mean that the man is angry or ignoring the woman when he is quiet. He is only dealing with things the best way he knows. When we understand such differences we don’t have to assume the worst.

Women need to understand how simply a man’s mind works, while men need to do the best they can to understand what many women can’t figure out about how her mind works. Just step back, fellows, and allow her to lead you into what she feels in her heart. Don’t try to figure out a woman’s heart with your mind. Just food for thought, gentlemen!

Real Change

What’s it going to take to create real change in society? I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but America is a time bomb waiting to blow up. Our economy is out of whack, our people are out of whack, our entire system is out of whack, and overall… this ship is sinking deeper and deeper. What is causing all this negativity? How did we get into this deep hole, and how can we get out? Real change means making radical moves that may not be popular. Keeping things the same as always just because we want things to work in our favor is not a recipe for success. More than likely all of us need to adopt a policy of doing what it takes to fix the problem even at the expense of some discomfort.

It appears that too many people are seeking something or someone to blame rather than spending an equal amount of time or energy toward doing what they personally can to make a positive change. When you have a limited capacity to deal with it is wise to use as much of that capacity toward things that are beneficial rather than those that are not. All of us are busy doing what we must to run our lives. That means that we have limited energy and resources to spend on fixing problems outside of our own.

In truth our problems are similar. The economy, jobs, home prices, food prices, gasoline prices, our school systems, crime, roads, highways and infrastructure; most of us are affected adversely by these things. It is not “their” problem but “our” problem. Until we come up with solutions that work for all of us, our ship will continue to sink.

We need real change. Real change means we may have to give up something that we think we must have. We’ll have to sacrifice personal pleasure for a while until the ship is repaired otherwise the ship will sink. It’s either sacrifice and live, or remain the same and go down with it. Those are our real options. Like it or not, we are a nation of people.

Only a very small percentage of citizens can afford to build walls tall enough not to be affected by the ills of our society. For those who are that selfish, there’s a separate category in which they fall. If you are a heartless person that cares only about your own selfish gains, then there’s very little that you’re willing to sacrifice for the gains of others. This description doesn’t fit the majority of the American people. Yes, we want what we want, but for the good of us all I think people would be willing to give up a little, even a lot, if they knew we would all benefit. We need the type of real change that requires a willingness to do what is best for the entire ship, not just a cabinet on the ship. If the whole ship sinks, what good purpose would that luxury cabinet serve?

There is real power in people. If we should ever join hands and stand together there is no stronger power. Imagine us standing together to feed everyone who is hungry. Imagine us standing together to make sure everyone has medical attention, a roof over their heads, or a place to live in dignity. There are some that have so much wealth and resources that they will never use in their lifetime. There are many of us who are spoiled by having more than we require in order to sustain our basic life functions. It’s not that we have too little, but that we are so used to wasting and glutting what we have. People, we need real change and, it must start with a willingness to give up on being so spoiled.